Mark D. Lazzaro - Published Videos

These videos are supplements to figures in this publication and are also published on the journal website.

Lazzaro MD, *Marom EY, Reddy ASN (2013) Polarized cell growth, organelle motility, and cytoskeletal organization in conifer pollen tube tips are regulated by KCBP, the calmodulin-binding kinesin. Planta 238:587-597.

Figure 1: Calmodulin inhibition by W-12 perfusion reversibly slows pollen tube elongation and alters the organization of organelles within the elongating tip. (42 MB)
Figure 4A-B: Constitutive activation of KCBP by antibody microinjection to displace calmodulin causes the migration of vacuoles into the tip and the subsequent cessation of organelle motility with a visible tensioning in the cytoplasm. (9 MB)
Figure 4C-D: Control microinjection of preimmune serum does not effect organelle postioning as streaming continues. (23 MB)