Mark D. Lazzaro - Teaching

As a plant cell biologist, I routinely teach teach cell biology lectures and labs (BIOL 313) to primarily juniors and seniors and introductory cellular and molecular biology lectures for majors (BIOL 111) to freshmen. I expect students in both courses to come to class prepared, work hard and study. I use a combination of powerpoint slides and a chalk board. Exams are challenging and require critical thinking. Course websites are maintained on OAKS.  Please email me if you would like a sample syllabus.

Current Teaching

Fall 2016: BIOL 111 lecture, HONS 151 lecture

Spring 2017: BIOL 313 lecture and 3 lab sections

Other courses

I mentor undergraduates in my research lab (BIOL 450, 451, 499). I have also taught the Honors version of BIOL 111 (HONS 151), supervised students taking biology seminar (BIOL 452) and supervised tutorials (BIOL 399) on plant biochemistry and on protein structure and function. I have also served as a paper supervisor for students conducing research outside the Biology Department, for example at MUSC.